6/17/21. Participation at an online diskussion organised by the Member of the German Parliament Lars Castellucci, “Erstickt das Ehrenamt in Bürokratie? So unterstützen wir unsere Ehrenamtlichen” (Is voluntary engagement being suffocated by bureaucracy? This is how we support our volunteers.”

Corona Break

3/7/20. Workshop on Common Good Service as a contribution to eliminating precarious employment conditions for women, at the Second Feminist Barcamp Mannheim.

10/16/19. Workshop “Giving Color to Economic Transformation”, TransitionHaus Heidelberg.

10/8/19. Lab: Designing feedback loops to promote shared mobility, at Shared Mobility Rocks, Brussels.

9/22/19. Adoption of the middle name “Wiltrude”.

6/18/19. Workshop on how to promote investments in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from buildings in the Südstadt of Heidelberg, held in the TransitionHaus Heidelberg.

6/6/19. Lecture and discussion, together with Friederike Habermann, “Collective goods and  commoning – insular solutions for utopians or necessary to save the Earth?” Kulturelle Landpartie im Wendland.

5/22/19. International Conference on Climate Action (ICCA): Climate Neighborhoods. Participation in a workshop and a book presentation.

4/27/19. Workshop “Südstadt setzt Impulse” at the community living project HageButze.

4/10/19. Podium discussion at the Mica Initiative Heidelberg about consumer society. Details here: Micha-HD-Podium-Flyer-2(1)

3/10/19. “Less is More” video-interview at the Greenpreneur Show, Chicago.

2/25/19. The project “Die Heidelberger Südstadt setzt Impulse!” (the Südstadt – the southern city quarter – of Heidelberg creates new impulses!) of Transition Town Heidelberg receives support from the Allianz für Beteiligung (Alliance for Participation) at the state government of Baden-Württemberg. Implementation can begin! A project description is available from the German version of this website.

1/22/19. Publication of Community solar gardens in Minnesota on Shareable.

1/15/19. Publication of A look at the Feed-in-Tariffs scheme in Germany on Shareable.

11/17/18. Workshop: Strategien zur Lösung sozialer und ökologischer Problemlagen: Methoden für einen Wandel zum Positiven (Strategies to solve social and ecological problems: methods for positive change). Volkshochschule Heidelberg.

11/10/18. Presentation about visualization of complex ecological systems at Rhine-Neckar Night of Science on the UNESCO World Science Day.

10/20/18: Contribution to the book “Sharing Cities” republished on Financing an equitable, sharing city.

9/25/18. Publication of the article A look at this mayor-supported civic crowdfunding program in London on Shareable.

7/26/18. Publication of a Review of the Sharing Cities book (see below: 3/29/18) by Kevin Carson (Center for a Stateless Society).

7/25/18. Publication of the article Milan’s Sharing Cities policies help to put a dent in car use in the city on Shareable.

7/23/18. Publication of the article Grow Gothenburg connects gardeners with people who own unused land on Shareable.

6/23-30/18. Sixth Commons-Summerschool in Bechstedt/Thuringia.

6/7/18. Input Poor & Rich. Part of a Series of Events “Wie reden wir miteinander?” (How do we talk with each other?), organized by the Student Council of Heidelberg University, the German American Institute Heidelberg und Real World Economics. Video of an interview given at this occasion.

5/2/18. Publication of “Working and Economy within the Limits to Growth – The role of unions in an ecological and social transformation,” by the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) North-South Network. Chapter 3.4. by Wolfgang Höschele: “The foundations of lif as common property: Commons: basis for a solidarity economy.” Available as download from the publications page of the North-South network.

4/14/18. Workshop “Erarbeitung gesellschaftlicher Lösungsstrategien: Einführung in eine Methode, Ansatzpunkte für einen positiven Wandel aufzuspüren” (Conceiving of strategies to solve societal problems: introduction to a method to find leverage points for positive change) at the Volkshochschule Heidelberg. See report: Systems Graphic Workshop VHS Heidelberg April 2018

4/4/18. Publication of the article German citizens invest in a sustainable local food system with Regionalwert AG on Shareable.

3/29/18. Publication of the printed edition of the book Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons (with two chapters, on Energy and Finance, co-authored by Wolfgang Höschele).

3/28/18. Publication of the article How Spavehive enables crowdfunding for civic projects on Shareable.

3/21-23/18. Agora for the Great Transition, Smart CSOs Lab, Paris.

3/13/18. Presentation of the proposal of a self-determined service for the common good, Urban Innovation Open House, Heidelberg.

2/27/18. Book Event on Rethinking Economy at the Volkshochschule Offenburg (Baden-Württemberg, Germany).

2/15/18. Publication of the article Community Purchasing Alliance reduces energy and other bills for member organizations on Shareable.

12/19/17. Publication of the article How Swiss group Pro Specie Rara preserves and shares endangered seeds on Shareable.

12/2/17. Presentation of the concept of a “self-determined service for the common good” at the  Café Ahhh, BUND-Youth Stuttgart.

11/30/17. Book event “Paths to a Green Economy” with the Greens in Göttingen County.

11/23/17. Publication of the “Manifesto ‘in-the-making’ on transformative social innovation towards more sustainable, just and resilient societies“, that emerged from the conference “Learning for Change” in September 2017 (see below).

11/22/17. Discussion on democratic methods of decision-making in economy and politics with the Young Greens Heidelberg.

10/24/17. Book Event with Attac in Waiblingen.

9/15/2017. Publication of the article 11 Reasons Why Germany’s Heidelberg is a Thriving Sharing City on Shareable.

9/14-15/2017. Participation as a representative of Shareable at the conference Learning for Change: A Journey through the Theory & Practice of Transformative Social Innovation, Rotterdam. Report on the Workshop.

9/13/2017. Publication of the book Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons (contributions by WH – chapters on Energy und Finance).

9/4/2017. Participation at the Workshop “Kein Ausverkauf der Natur: Schutz und Nutzung (globaler) Gemeinschaftsgüter demokratisch gestalten,” (No selling out of nature: democratic design of the protection and use of (global) common goods), Forum Umwelt und Entwicklung, Berlin.

8/24/2017. Publication in the Commons Blog of Silke Helfrich of Rückkopplungen für lebensfähige Commons (Feedback loops for commons that can thrive). Contraste 394/395.

7/15/2017. Led a workshop on the development of problem solving strategies using systems graphics (example: how can the share of organically produced food in the school and kindergarten cafetgerias of a city be increased?),  Sommerakademie 2017 der Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen.

6/27/2017. Book event with the Green Party in Sigmaringen (Baden-Württemberg, Germany).

6/12/2017. Book event with Transition Town Heidelberg.

5/11/2017. Institutions and Commons. Contribution to a Lecture Series, Critical Economics at the Goethe-University Frankfurt, Internalisig Externalities: Do the New Markets Keep their Promises?

3/2/2017. Publication of the book Wirtschaft neu erfinden: Grundlegung für eine Ökonomie der Lebensfülle with the oekom Verlag.

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