My contact information:


Wiltrude/Wolfgang Höschele

Goethestrasse 14

68161 Mannheim



Email: wh (at) whoeschele (dot) de


Photos published on this website are my own, provided nothing else is indicated.

I carefully select links to other websites, but I am not responsible for their content.


Use of data

On this website, I collect no data on users, and am therefore not able to pass on user data to anybody else. Cookies are used on this website by the webhosting software and by the plugin that enables a multilingual site, but these do not collect personal data.

In the context of my business activity (sale of books, lectures, workshops, consulting, fundraising) I may require certain personal data of my business partners (e.g., name, contact information, account numbers). I treat these data confidentially and do not pass them on to others.



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