About Me

I grew up as a German in Thailand, South Korea and Greece, where I became concerned about ecological and social issues from an early age. I then studied biology, environmental science and geography in the United States. My doctoral dissertation in geography at the Pennsylvania State University focused on social aspects of land degradation in Kerala (South India); among other things this work led to the publication of an article available online.

After completing my doctorate I worked for 16 years (1998-2014) as a geography professor at Truman State University in Missouri. Recognizing that we cannnot solve our social and ecological problems without resolving to change some fundamental economic structures, I devoted my research to the question how a transformation to a sustainable economy might be achieved. I wrote many of my publications during this time, but of greatest importance is my book The Economics of Abundance that provided the direction for my current work.

Since 2014 I am living in Heidelberg, Germany, with the aim of introducing my thoughts about economic transformation into the political discourse in Germany and to implement them in practical projects. I am working on systemic strategies to create an economy of abundance of life: socially equitable, ecologically sustainable and free.


Videos (in German)

Vorstellung des Konzeptes eines selbstbestimmten Gemeinwohldienstes, 13.3.18, Urban Innovation Open House, Heidelberg (Vortrag beginnt ab 1:08:49).

Interview zum Thema Refeudalisierung der Gesellschaft, 7.6.18, vor einem Vortrag “Arm & Reich,” Teil einer Veranstaltungsreihe “Wie reden wir miteinander?” organisiert vom StudierendenRat der Universität Heidelberg, dem Deutsch Amerikanischen Institut Heidelberg und Real World Economics.


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