Economy of Abundance of Life

What purpose does the economy serve? And what purpose should it serve?

As such, it is obvious that the economy should ensure the livelihoods of people.

If we take the idea seriously that all people have equal rights, our economy should ensure the livelihoods of all people and not just a few.

“All people” includes future generations. The conditions for their livelihoods should then also be maintained by our present economic activities.

We can only preserve the conditions for our present and future living if we preserve the ecosystems of the earth including their vast biological diversity. Beyond this, we have an ethical obligation with respect to the other living beings on this planet. Therefore, our economy should always preserve the integrity of ecosystems and biological diversity.

Unfortunately, our present economy does not meet these very basic requirements. An economy that did this would be an economy of abundance of life.

This website is devoted to the effort to establish an economy of abundance of life. It features

  • Systemic Change: an overview on what this economy could look like,
  • Systemic Consulting: information about my consulting activities and workshops to help design strategies toward an economy of abundance of life,
  • Publications: links to or about my relevant publications,
  • News: recent and forthcoming events and publications.

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