From half-strange eyes

Today I am seriously starting a new blog. I intend to write about my views from “half-strange eyes”, on issues of society during the present period of rupture – when it will become clear whether we collectively are able to make the overdue transition from the current frantic age of continuous acceleration to a more relaxed, calmer age that cultivates the art of living.

Why half-strange?

I was born of German parents in Germany. Since birth, I am a German citizen. Yet I do not truly feel German, having grown up in Thailand, Korea and Greece and having lived the greater part of my life in the United States. In the US, I started to feel increasingly strange over time, and so was half-strange there. Since I moved to Germany, I have been half-strange here as well.

I was born as a boy and lived the greater part of my life as a man, but I never felt like a “real” man and was only able to be happy once I stopped identifying as a “man”. Now I live as much as I can as a woman, but I am still to a great extent a man and therefore I am half-strange whether as a “woman” or a “man”.

I have studied several academic disciplines, had an academic career in the US, but I am now no longer in academia. Thus, at universities I am – half-strange.

Since over 30 years I am searching for ways out of the existential crisis of our civilization and ask questions about how a future sustainable society can emerge. However, since birth I live in the society that I am criticizing. So I feel half-strange in this society.

Now I intend to write a blog from this half-strange perspective. I hope to offer helpful insights in a world at the edge of chaos. Perhaps people can draw insights from my blog even if they do not feel strange, or on the contrary they feel totally strange, or they also feel half-strange but in their own unique ways.

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